La cultura del trabajo

Hay algo común a todos los hombres de todas las culturas. Todos los días nos levantamos cuando sale el sol y nos dedicamos a eso que sabemos hacer. Podemos llamarla la cultura del trabajo. Todos los hombres estamos hechos para trabajar. Por eso que crezca el paro es una mala noticia. Y por eso nos definimos por nuestra profesión. El trabajo nos habla de quiénes somos, decimos: soy comerciante, eres médico, son costureros. Utilizamos el verbo ser para hablar de nuestro trabajo.

There is something we can find in every culture. Every day we raise up with the sun and we do what we know to do. We can call it the culture of work. We all are meant to work, like it or not. That is why it is bad news when unemployment rate grows. And that is why we are defined by our profession. Our job tells us what we are; we say: I am a trader, you are a doctor, they are tailors. We use the verb to be when we talk about our job.


2 thoughts on “La cultura del trabajo

  1. I like your post, but I don’t agree with you that we are defined solely by the work we do, or the trades we engage in. What about our thoughts and our dreams? What about these immaterial things that also make up who we are?

    • Totally agree with what you say. All those inmaterial things define us even more deeply than external or material things. I do not mean that work is the only thing, it is only an important one together with many others. Thank you for your comment Taker of the open road!

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